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Friday, February 16, 2007

I was tagged ~ 5 things

I was tagged by Lioux at Damn you Dan to share five things you don’t know about me. After a ton of thinking I have began to realize I probably have shared far too much about myself. Some of you might remember this about me or that I love to dance so I won’t repeat them.

1.I sing all the time. I know lyrics to songs I don’t even realize I know. And I tend to sing songs and hear hubby singing them later and cursing me. LOL. I also have a knack for making up new silly lyrics to a song on the fly. (ie last night hubby talked about not wanting to hear the alarm in the morning and I set a whole verse of my own about an alarm clock to the song that has the line…’the sound…. Of silence.”

2.As much as I love to be the center of attention I am painfully shy at first. It takes talking to me for awhile before I talk your ear off.

3.I absolutely hate being told I ‘can’t’ do something. If I’m told that I will do it to prove that person wrong, regardless of what that thing might be.

4.I have the urge to indulge in an exhibitionistic streak but haven't fully acted on it thus far besides skinny dipping.

5. I am extremely claustrophobic. I hate being in small rooms or standing too close in a crowd of people taller than me. I begin to hyperventilate.

There you are... 5 things you didn't know about me, like it or not. Now I need to tag five people to do the same. DramaMama, Finished Last, Road Rage/Little Trucker, Long Island Dad, and At Home Daddy

I know it's the weekend and we all are busy so get to the Tag.... when you have a chance. Happy answering!

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Long Island Dad said...

Okay, This inspired a post... not exactly what you were looking for but informative nonetheless.